How An Order Is Packed @Halal Fine Foods

How An Order Is Packed

At Halal Fine Foods, we strive to deliver your meat in its best form.

Our packing process ensures your meat is tightly sealed, kept chilled and maintains its freshness. The process follows 5 primary steps, with each step checked and monitored by a professional.  

1) Meat is packed in sealed containers. Container is clearly labelled with name of product, weight/ quantity info and date packed. 

How An Order Is Packed Step 1 @Halal Fine Foods

2) Using a Recyclable box, it is lined with insulated wrapping and ice packs designed to keep your meat fresh for up to 48 hours in an unopened box.

How An Order Is Packed Step 2 @Halal Fine Foods

3) The meat is placed with ice packs below and above it and covered in insulation wrapping.

How An Order Is Packed Step 3 @Halal Fine Foods

4) Finally the all items are sealed with your itemised receipt and sent with our 3rd party courier.

How An Order Is Packed Step 4 @Halal Fine Foods

5) On receipt of goods, please immediately refrigerate your items to ensure freshness. Please note all fresh items are suitable for home freezing. For frozen items, do not refreeze once thawed.

Please note: our packaging is suitable for recycling, please aim to recycle where possible.

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